Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 3.027: United what?

Whether you look at it as local residents, or as foreign nationals, we had a good day...

Day 3.027(a): United States: Winterfest 2010

We spent the afternoon at the Grafton Lake State Park Winterfest.  This was our fourth visit to this event.  Previous reports here.  As you can see - once again there was plenty of ice to cut through on the lake to make a bit of open water for the Polar Plunge.  Apart from watching the crazy people jump into the icy water, we also watched an ice-diving demonstration (the girls and me), had a dog-sled ride (Exile #4), said hi to all the dogs (E5N1), rode on a horse-drawn cart (all of us), bought a photo in the silent auction (mostly Exile #2), fell in love with a Great Horned Owl (Exile #3).  You can see more pictures of the day here and the some of the polar plunge here.

Day 3.027(a): United Kingdom: The British Super Bowl

This evening we settled down with friends and a beer or two to watch the big game. The Super Bowl may be tomorrow, but this was the game that really counted in this house - England against Wales on the opening day of the Six Nations Championship.

It was broadcast live on BBC America - something of a treat for me - it's one of the sporting competitions I watched most consistently when in the UK and has been almost entirely impossible to see here until today.

We watched it six hours behind live - thanks to a busy middle part of the day, but that really didn't seem to matter.  Exile #2 cheered on Wales as they fought back from a large deficit and the game was close with ten minutes left to play, but in the end England got their act together and finished the job.

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  1. Glad I didn't email you the result as soon as the game ended.


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