Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 4.004: Soda, pop?

One of these cans is not like the other. The one on the right was found while clearing the party drinks out of the fridge this week.

I grew up calling it 'pop', now I know it as 'soda'. Of course this particular beverage is known as 'diet' - which not only avoids the accent issue over how to pronounce 'Coke' but also avoids the whole 'Is Pepsi OK?' issue!

Anyway, having given it plenty of time to calm down, opening the deformed can was a very uneventful 'pffft' - not what we had been fearing based on its appearance.


  1. That's because it had defrosted! That is what a frozen Diet Coke can looks like. I now have a collection on my back porch.

  2. what's the accent issue with Coke? I can't imagine it being that different?!


  3. You'd be surprised. It's perfectly possible to go into a restaurant and order 'Coke' or 'water' and have them look at you like they've never heard of this substance you are referring to.

    You have to move C-'oh'-k about halfway to 'cawk'. For 'water' learn to say 'waa-durrr' or - in a trick like saying 'diet' - 'ice-water' seems to work.

    Of course if you shun these accent modifiers you will get a few 'Oh, I love your accent!' to compensate for the blank looks.

  4. Thanks Jenny - we figured that was probably the issue and the scientist in me expected a small intake hiss rather than a big messy explosion, but I wasn't sure!


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