Local visits

These are links to the posts relating to places we have visited in the Albany NY region.  "Local" in this context means places we went in a day-trip or definitely could have done.

I'm still placing posts in categories, so there should be more here later!
  • July to September 2012- including Berkshire Botanical Garden, the Corning Trail, Ooms at Sutherland Pond, the Huyck Preserve, Five Rivers, Lake Ontario and the Thousand Islands, Christman, Jacob's Pillow and New Paltz.
  • April to July 2012- including Downtown Albany clogs, Jacob's Pillow, Five Rivers, Indian Ladder trail, Six-Mile Waterworks, the Berkshire Museum, a walking tour of Troy, the Corning Preserve, Schodack Island and the Tulip Festival.
  • March and early April 2012- including The Canfield Casino, Five Rivers, the Springfield museums, North Adams and a lot of fun in Pittsfield.
  • January and February 2012- including Olana, Normans Kill West Preserve, Capital Rep, Five Rivers, Coeymans, the airport, Albany Institute of History and Art, Wolf Creek and the holiday lights.
  • Thanksgiving to the end of 2011- including Bennett Hill, Five Rivers, RamsHorn-Livingston, Lisha Kill, LEGO KidsFest, Four Mile Point and the Empire State Plaza.
  • August to November 2011 - including Omi, Red Hook, Poets' Walk, Swift Wetlands, Indian Ladder, Pittsfield State Forest, Berkshire Botanical Gardens, Pick a Pumpkin Patch, Five Rivers and a UFO!
  • November 2010 to July 2011 - including the Pine Bush, Wilson M Powell, the Albany County Rail Trail, Cohoes Falls, Peebles Island, Papscanee, frozen Hudson in Watervliet, the Corning Preserve and Five Rivers.
  • March to November 2010 - including Five Rivers, mist on the Hudson, Plotter Kill, Huyck, Wolf Creek Falls, Moreau, Saratoga Spa Park, Yaddo and Cohoes Falls.

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