I am a British guy living in upstate New York.  I have a wife and three children.  I have a job, a love of photography, a small unusual church that I help to run and I adore music - listening to it, playing it and pretending to make it whilst playing Rock Band.

...the blog
I started the blog to record our experiences when we moved to the US in January 2007.  On Day 14 (January 24th 2007) I failed to write a post.  I haven't missed one since and as a result, just as some days are more entertaining than others, so it is with the posts here.

...names and numbers
I have a real name but here I am known as the_exile.  My wife is Exile #2, my British daughters are Exile #3 (four and a half on Day 0) and Exile #4 (two and a half on Day 0) and my dual-nationality son (born on Day 88) is called Exile #5/Native #1 or E5N1 for short.  Unlike the rest of us E5N1 had his blog-name before his real one.

Day 0 was the day we flew.  Day 1 was our first full day in the US.  When we had been here a year January 10th 2008 was Day 365 and the next day was named Day 1.001 (We had been here for 1 year and a 1 day).

...the readers
Friends and family back in the UK have been joined by friends over here and, from time to time - when I write about interesting things - various other people from the area and beyond.

...the photographs
As well as posting them here (usually at least one a day) on Day 1.365 I joined Flickr and the photos I like the most end up there.  This is a place where you can view them easily - choose 'Interesting' for ones that other people seem to like and 'Recent' for, you know, the recent ones.