Monday, April 7, 2014

Day 7.087: Rug Capital

A few days ago, I started the countdown to our move with a last "Rug City" creation. The post is here, but I'll repost the photos to save you flicking back-and-forth:

There were some proposed solutions in the comments, but the local commenters knew the truth, now revealed thanks to Google Earth.

It is Albany, New York - the Empire State Plaza to be more specific - including the Egg, the State Museum, the Corning Tower and with a guest appearance by the Capitol Building.

Tomorrow, the packers arrive to start dismantling our home and on Thursday we will wake up for the last time as residents of New York.

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  1. So, when the exiles cease to be in New York, what will become of this blog. I'm hoping you keep writing, with or without re-branding. More pressingly for now, I hope your move goes smoothly. Deborah


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