Friday, August 31, 2007

Day 233: Making plans

I spent the day at work planning a conference trip for later in the month. This week was one of contrasts - frustrating IT problems but some good meetings about plans for some of the new work we are here to do.

Our meal this evening was interrupted by a couple of visits from Exile #4 who, unlike her big sister, was not really tired enough at bedtime following a day-time nap. Later we heard her voice again. I went up to find her sitting on her bed and very surprised to see me:
Exile #4: What are you doing here Daddy?
Me: It's time to go to sleep now.
Exile #4: But I'm making up a story.
Me: That's nice, but you really need to get to sleep now.
Exile #4 (very earnestly): I think I'll finish telling the story in the morning.

After we had finished dinner this evening our thoughts and internet browsers turned towards planning a sightseeing trip with my parents at the weekend or the beginning of next week. I think we've got half a plan, but we need to have a look with a clear head tomorrow I think.

Talking of what we'll do in the morning, I have a mental image of Exile #4 waking with the dawn and picking up her story mid-sentence at the exact point where I interrupted it. It did seem very important.
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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Day 232: High - winds

Today's journey home from work became quite dramatic when one of our exciting summer thunderstorms blew through. I can't put my finger on what makes them unlike thunderstorms I've known in the past - is it the rate of rainfall, the gusting wind, the lightning, the way they all seem to suddenly start, or all of this? Somehow they manage to seem quite scary. Maybe I'm just getting old.

Here's another picture from Niagara. We rode on this 175 ft wheel which is situated on top of a hill and provides great views both down over the Vegas-like excesses of the town and across to the falls.

After coming off I found the information panel and was interested to find the wind-speed data. It reads as follows: Maximum wind speed (operating): 45 mph, Maximum wind speed (static): 80 mph. It begs the question - what would they do if the wind got up to 80 mph or was expected to exceed it? The can't exactly take it down, can they? Perhaps they just know to get well out of the way. It wasn't windy when we visited, but apparently there are sometimes some serious storms in the region, in fact today's journey home from work became quite dramatic when...
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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Day 231: Computer problems

I took this picture in Niagara Falls. Even the computers that run these high-visibility screens run Windows and need rebooting from time to time! It looks like Windows 95 - if so a reboot is a minimum requirement.

Failing computers have been something of a theme today. At work things were getting frustrating due to our network being partially netnowork. Things have been 'up' enough to lull me into a false sense of security but then dash my hopes of actually getting the job done. Late this evening the telecommunications aspect of our church core-team meeting was brought to an abrupt halt by my laptop - it ran out of battery power, but when it came up I got the dreaded blue-screen of death (BSOD) - thankfully not a common sight in recent years.

Incidentally,while I'm complaining about things not working properly - what's with the electrical sockets in this country? About half the sockets in this house are effectively unusable because plugs just fall out of them - this caused the laptop battery to drain by the way. Even if they don't fall right out, they often hang half out of the wall with mains terminals exposed. No wonder they're only willing to use 110 V.

In between work and core-team, I took Exile #3 and Exile #4 to the back-to-school potluck picnic. There computers were completely absent and the networking was much more effective.
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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Day 230: Insert dental joke here

It was my first car-pool day today as I gave the resident of Exile Central 0 a lift to and from work. Saving the planet one step at a time - well maybe not.

I recently saw a program "Cooking at Home" again on a local TV channel. It is presented by the wonderfully named Dan Eaton. It's like those jokes that were all the rage in the early 80s of made-up amusing book and author combinations. He even ends the show with what must be a nod to the pun: You're cooking at home, I'm Dan Eaton.

At our home, visiting rabbits and turkeys as well as being potential dinner ingredients have presumably done some growth-control for the grass in the 'yard', still, it had reached impressive lengths due to my neglect. The front (that I cut a week ago) needed doing, the back (that I didn't) really needed doing. I started the job with confidence, but by the time I finished it was, not to put too fine a point on it, dark. Hopefully tomorrow's light will reveal that I did at least a half decent job.

I wonder what the grazing visitors will make of it.
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Day 229: Hanica have left the building

One of the at-home activities that occupied my nieces (and their Mum from time to time) was the playing of Guitar Hero II. They got pretty good by the end - completing career mode on 'Medium' - a good effort for a week's work in which we spent a lot of time away or out. Their (virtual) band was called 'Hanica' - they will be taking a break from their tour to pursue other activities. It was sad to say goodbye today, but we think they had a good time - we all certainly did.

I managed a kilometre swim again today after two weeks off (except for our visit to the outdoor pool). I bought some goggles last week, and then forgot to take them - something I am sorely regretting now as I look bleary-eyed at the computer screen.

This evening, Exile #2 went out to buy all sorts of back-to-school items for Exile #3's Kindergarten adventure that starts in a week and a half. Hopefully she has interpreted correctly the names for stationery items that did not correlate straightforwardly to ones used either in the UK or in the shop she went to. As for how she will transport all this and the books that she will collect there is still to be determined, suddenly the sight of five-year-olds wheeling along suitcase-sized school bags starts to make sense.
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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Day 228: The wise men built...

...their towers on the rocks. Here is another picture from our road-trip. Just below Taughannock Falls people had picked up the plentiful small stones and medium sized rocks and built towers and other sculptures from them. It had an Andy Goldsworthy sort of look to it. I wonder who started it and whether it has occurred in previous seasons (the main flood of the river in spring must wipe away any trace of it).

Exile #2 spotted some evidence of construction at our house today, there are the remains of two (thankfully old) wasp nests under the eaves. In other insect news, Exile #4 found a dead cicada on our deck. It has a hole in its side, but whether that occurred before, during or after death is unknown. It's not as big as Day 191's surprise, but impressive (if a bit gross) none the less.

Our visitors leave tomorrow and I go back to work, but we've all had a nice holiday I think - I certainly have. Now starts another rush - back to school, my parents' visit, arrival at work of the remainder of the company's transferees.

But for now, back to the piles of stones. Exile #3 made a contribution entirely unprompted and unassisted. She was justifiably proud of it, although she might have carried on for some time if we had not decided that a meal and a 250 mile drive home were calling.
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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Day 227: Hot and stormy

Today well and truly lived up to its billing weather-wise. By the time we made it to the wonderfully named Up Yonda Farm the temperature was close to 90°F and humidity close to 100% I would imagine. We visited (in order) the composting water-less toilets, the butterfly garden, the wooded slopes and the lake-view-point (I couldn't decide between lake-view point and lake view-point). There wasn't much to see thanks to the haze, but on the way we saw Red Squirrels, Monarch Butterflies and at least 15 Wild Turkeys all together, so we weren't too disappointed.

Having taken the quick route back down the hill, we set off to find something for lunch, only going about half a mile before stopping at a frozen-in-time diner where they don't take credit cards and there seems to be a staff member for each customer, but the food was excellent, plentiful and inexpensive, so that's just fine.

After lunch, we made it to the lakeside beach where the cordoned-off lifeguarded area was crowded with groups of people standing variously up to knees or waists in the water chatting - an extraordinary sight, but then it was very hot and the cooler water and slight lake breeze made sense of it all. Exile #3 and Exile #4 set to work making a sandcastle without implements in a very labour-intensive way but did a good job, we had just managed to get everyone off the beach relatively sand-free when the storm clouds arrived and the beach was vacated (forcibly by the lifeguards). We tried to go to a restaurant for drinks and ice-creams, only to find that they had a power-cut. On our way back to the car the wind suddenly got up and we just got in before the heavens opened. As we drove out of town all the power was off (traffic lights etc. included) and the rain turned staircases into cascades and the roads into rivers.

As I write this I can hear sirens rushing to deal with the effects of the latest storm that just shook the windows and lit up the house for a few minutes. We seem, so far, to have got away with it this time. Never a dull moment.
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Friday, August 24, 2007

Day 226: Splashing around

We spent the whole day today at the town park pool. We got there as it was opening at 11.30 am and stayed until after 4.30 pm. Our recently-arrived friends from the UK came as well as our extended family group so there were lots of hands and eyes to keep up with the children who mostly entertained themselves brilliantly. The weather was about perfect, we sat in the shade with the temperature in the mid 80's. The water felt cold, but was OK once you were in.

This evening we had Japanese take-away and my sister tried sushi for the very first time (hmm a pop pun in the making " - now she's doing sashimi, it's June") . Well, it amuses a couple of you I know.

These are two of my favourite pictures of the waterfalls we saw on our travels (one created with autostitch). Tomorrow is due to be hot, we're aiming to have an outing, but we may end up melting!
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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day 225: Ah, Maid of This

So, joking aside, we had a great trip to Niagara Falls. We have been paying for it with varying levels of exhaustion today, but that's OK. It was a bit of a grey day. The visitors went shopping, we refilled the bird feeder and had a fairly lazy day. This evening I saw a furry creature on the deck and although I was able to give a good description of it: cat-sized, pointy nose, long hairless curl-able tail, I had no idea what it was. It turns out that North America has marsupials, who knew?

Anyway, back to the falls - we had the essential boat ride (on Maid of the Mist VI) to have a close encounter with them. Just before we were engulfed in the promised mist, I got this shot. After we returned we asked the young exiles what they made of the boat trip and below are their replies. But before I get there, while we're on a roll: pop pun 26 for title watchers and a possible caption for E5N1's picture: who am I to disagree?

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Day 224: Falls gold

So, did you guess right? We went to see a waterfall. Here we are at Taughannock Falls. It was a fantastically interesting walk, less than a mile up the gorge from the carpark. There is evidence and the odd photo along the way of the volume of water that comes down the gorge when the river is in flood.

We had a long drive home arriving just before midnight. We could have been earlier but had a very late and leisurely brunch and a nice relaxed (for the most part - E5N1 found it a bit noisy) meal at a Mexican restaurant in Ithaca this evening. Talking of Ithaca, it's all very classical in western New York with places called Syracuse, Corinth and Carthage, but also Ovid and Homer. My favourite moment of this was Exit 33 from the Thruway which is signposted Rome and Verona and also Vernon Hamilton (whoever he is - I wonder what it takes to get your name on a road-sign).

Of course, I should make it clear that the waterfall we went to yesterday was not this one, it was a somewhat smaller one (well shorter anyway). Here is a picture.
Which cheap trickery just leaves me with pop pun #25 for title watchers: I'm watching you sinking.
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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Day 223: Made it there - missed

We've had a great if gruelling day. This morning we departed reasonably early to start our 300 mile journey West to the Canadian border. Most of the way we drove in happy convoy. With about 40 miles to go it all went wrong: first we lost each other at the toll gates then had a toss of the coin navigational decision - we both chose the same. Then having found each other again we proceeded to get separated again. After a bit of telephone tennis we eventually met up in an office carpark to make sure the passports in each car matched the occupants then onward to the border. We had a good visit - une bonne visite. We are now safely back in New York and in a cheap clean motel. Where have we been? You'll have to wait for normal home-service to be resumed tomorrow to find out (if you can't guess!)

Day 222: Ducks in a row

We went to our second baseball game today, well technically our second and third as we saw the end of one game and the whole of another in "tonight's double-header". Everyone seemed to have a good time right through to the post-match fireworks (the last of the season). We're all tired now and have made plans for an early start in the morning. Hmmm, maybe not so sensible.

We had really good seats in the front row, so we could follow the game much more easily and, in contrast with our first visit, the home team won today, so we had something to cheer too which helped.

Over the sound system an organ plays: Toot-te-te-toot-te-toot...
Crowd: CHARGE!


Cousin (singing): Toot-te-te-toot-te-toot...
Exile #4: CHARGE!
Cousin (singing): Toot-te-te-toot-te-toot...
Exile #4: CHARGE!
Cousin: ...
Exile #4 (prompting): Toot-te-te-toot-te-toot...?
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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Day 221: Down by the riverside

We had a great afternoon with some of the other members of the local babysitting co-op in a park by the Hudson River. Here are E5N1 and Exile #4 with the river in the background. My sister and nieces came too and my recently arrived colleague and his family. We all had a great time - the kids ran amok in a wholly suitable way, we picked at finger food and someone grilled hot-dogs. We also had some surprisingly intelligent conversation - one of the Dads works in local politics and had previously worked in Federal politics in Washington D.C. so he had some interesting insights for the newcomers to the US political scene as well as some information about the plans for renovating the park we were in. They are a great group of people - really friendly and open - a great advert for the area.

Earlier in the day, as we were getting ready to go to church, someone told the girls that they were looking pretty. As she was putting her shoes on, Exile #3 asked Exile #2, so who is prettier of her and Exile #4. Exile #2 explained that it's not a competition. "No," said Exile #4 very knowingly, "but I'm winning." It seems that even my children can turn out the pop puns!
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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Day 220: Wait wait, what is the key in?

Today's main outing was to Thacher Park, previously visited on Day 11 and Day 101. We decided to take it easy on ourselves by carrying Exile #4 in the backpack. Well, I say easy - not so much for the one carrying her (that would be me). Anyway, the walk was fun and ended up with a paddle at the same place (if not the same water temperature) as the Day 101 paddling.

It was when I tried to pull the keys out of my pocket to open the car when we got back that things took a turn for the worse. Well, to cut a long story short , my sister and I caught up with the keys near the end of a retracing of our steps. A family had found them and were hoping to reunite them with their owners in the parking lot.

This evening we mostly spent with some new friends of Exile #2's who since the move live just down the road. It was really nice, but E5N1 had a grumpy evening which took the edge of things - we suspect pain or illness - maybe teething? Watch this space.

So, it's Pop Pun 24 for title watchers: Woke up in my clothes again this morning (recycled).
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Friday, August 17, 2007

Day 219: Grease - Lightning

Today started off beautifully and we walked at Five Rivers with our visitors. It was sunny, but not too hot and everyone was on good form.

We had a lazy middle of the day (including some naps) and then set off for our expedition to see Grease performed in the park. This is a performance that runs throughout the summer and is free to those who sit on the floor (or bring their own chairs) in the amphitheatre arrangement. Tickets are sold for plastic garden chairs in the 'stalls'.

As darkness fell, a few clouds appeared on the horizon. Literal ones - we were still feeling fine. About halfway through the first half I saw some lightning in the distance, but again it was nothing to concern us. In the interval, Exile #3 and Exile #4 made a contribution and collected a sticker each and then I returned to discuss with Exile #2 what time I would have to leave to go to the airport and collect my colleague and his family (delayed from yesterday). At that point Exile #2 felt a drop or two of rain. It was quite gentle. Exile #3 put her umbrella up and Exile #4 came to stand underneath. Then suddenly there was a rush of wind. People's chairs and bits of set started blowing around. We decided to leave. The wind got stronger. Someone said "Twister." Someone else, "Tornado." They are rare but not unheard-of here. We started to try and collect all our stuff together. One of my nieces suddenly arrived from nowhere to help, we managed to get coats, E5N1 (in pushchair) and the girls down to the side of the stage. It started raining hard. Bits of fallen tree (mostly small twigs, but a few branches) were everywhere. My sister and my other niece were nowhere to be found, then suddenly they appeared and we started a very brisk walk towards the cars. I took a wrong turn and took us on a wild goose chase, but we eventually found our way back to the three cars we had brought so that I could make a dash to the airport whilst everyone else could watch the rest of the show and still get home OK.

The first half of the show (Greased Lightning and all) was good - lots of fun. The second half was cancelled. Anyway, we got home OK, and I got out again to collect our friends and everyone is now safe and sound and in bed (except me that is). Phew. Actually looking back, it was a fairly minor storm and we didn't have any thunder and lightning, just rain and wind. Just another summer's day in Upstate NY.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Day 218: A new jersey?

It seems a lifetime ago that we flew up here from Newark Airport with a view of the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan skyline. I suppose it was actually 218 days ago. The question is did you know that on her day off Madame Liberté likes to dance?

One of my colleagues and his family are having an unexpected stop-over in the vicinity of Newark Airport tonight having missed their connecting flight up here. It has brought our mad dash on Day 0 to catch our (fortunately delayed) flight back to us all too clearly. Maybe they will take the opportunity to see the sights tomorrow. It seems that they will most likely have a 24 hour delay before completing their journey late in the evening.

My sister and nieces have safely arrived having decided to have a planned stop-over and then drive up from the Newark area. Apart from a minor toll-issue their US journey seems to have gone well. They have had tales to tell of a nearly-very-nasty road accident on their way to the airport yesterday, but all are OK and we're looking forward to doing some fun things with them over the next week and a half.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Day 217: Big bird feeder

Here is the result of my handiwork the other day. Squirrel defences and two avian food sources in place outside our dining room window.

We have had plenty of visitors, mainly of the commonly seen round here variety: Northern Cardinals, Blackcapped Chickadees, American Goldfinches, Tufted Titmouses and today six Song Sparrows all crowding in. All in all a success so far - although the squirrel invasion force may descend soon, you can never be sure. It has happened before.

Today started badly, someone has been using my UK credit card for a frankly bizarre and unlikely set of transactions - the bank is treating it as fraud, but to be honest it looks more like some sort of error - or maybe they're just really strange fraudsters. Anyway, I spent a while this morning dealing with that. When I was eventually ready to leave for work I discovered that I'd left the car headlights on all night and the battery was flat. After two trips (don't ask) to the store in the other car, I eventually sat down to check my work email while the battery was charging and eventually made it in to work rather later than I had planned. Oh well, things have been gradually improving since then.

Oh yes, it's not the bird feeder that's big. Thanks to the sparrows and others being messy eaters - the feeder fed some very big birds today...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Day 216: Best seats in the house

Our sofas arrived today, so now the beds (well - things designed for sleeping on) have retreated to the bedrooms and we actually have chairs in all the living rooms. What we've lost in eccentricity, we've gained in practicality. Anyone would think we had moved in. Then again, if you chose to, you could focus on missing curtains and the like, but we're feeling much closer than we were a week or so ago.

In other news, Exile #3's black eye has largely failed to impress thanks to early application of ice yesterday and she seems fine, and E5N1's passport arrived yesterday, opening the possibility for Canadian border crossings next week when my sister and her daughters are here.

Day 215: Close shave

We had one of our remaining moving-in tasks done today when someone came to fit gutters along most of the unguttered sections of roof and to redirect a down-pipe that was sending water running along the foundations of the house when it rains.

While this was going on, Exile #3 fell down the stairs. She is fine, but you may be able to see that she has the makings of a black eye - only the morning will tell if it will live up to its promise.

Later on, Exile #3 and Exile #4 made pictures from shaving foam, squirted paint and cocktail sticks (to mix it around). It looks like fun and apparently kept them entertained for a good while this afternoon.

I managed my first 1 km swim this evening - 30 minutes non-stop. So I'm feeling quite virtuous. I'm trying to keep smug at bay though - I've still got plenty of work to do on my swimming and my waistline.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Day 214: Solid work fella

At tea time today E5N1 had his first 'solids' - not solid at all of course. He seemed quite keen. He's been showing quite an active interest in mealtime goings on for some time, so I suspect he's ready. Not that he's shown any signs of needing it - at 4 months he weighs 15 lbs - the same as Exile #3 at 7 months.

We've packed a lot in to what was basically a lazy family day. We put up our bird feeders (we needed a pole as the trees were either too flimsy to be used or too distant to be useful). I finished finishing the second coffee table. We had a traditional (whose tradition?) Sunday lunch. We went to the outdoor swimming pool complex again where the girls played with our ex-landlady's grandsons.

This evening one of my colleagues who is preparing to move out here came round and we ended up playing slightly-inebriated Guitar Hero II until a few minutes ago when we found some skateboarding on HDTV on demand and soon went from admiring the picture quality to commenting on the quality of the 540s. Happy days.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Day 213: The end of improvisation?

This morning's Saturday Breakfast took place (for the kids at least) in traditional spot in front of the TV (Not 'the telly' though - not this side of the Atlantic). However, it should be the last time that the room looks like this, dominated by the improvised air-mattress sofa.

The real sofas are due to arrive on Tuesday, we're really hoping they'll be OK. We had a minor set-back today when we went to collect our second unfinished coffee table (OK) and our professionally finished console table for the hall - it was ready, but was the wrong table. We felt terrible, but the owner immediately admitted his error and told us when the right one could be done. Then offered to lend us the wrong one until the other one is ready. We declined, but he gets full points for his customer service today, and like the sofas we had second thoughts about the colour. The original sofa fabric was discontinued, and we ended up choosing something completely different, and the finish on the table was a bit lighter than we wanted, and as he's starting again, he was happy to use a different finish.

On the subject of getting things wrong, we set out after tea for a cycle ride (Exile #3 and Exile #4) and walk this evening once the weather was cooling down a bit. Unfortunately it appears that we really do need to consult a map (or take a compass) to even find our way round the block - no doubt we'll get the hang of it in the end, but for now the layout of the back-streets around here is a complete mystery.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Day 212: Going native

Exile #2 took this picture today of an enthusiastic US citizen visiting the Liberty Island.

It came about after they were talking about what the shell looked like - and someone said that it looked like the Statue of Liberty's torch.

I have also been going native. Talking to one of my colleagues just arrived from the UK, I said something about driving through 'road work' (see Day 125) - and only realised that it was an Americanism afterward (!). Later I stopped mid-sentence because I couldn't decide whether to say "windscreen" or "windshield". What's happening to us all?

As advertised yesterday, we have had a very wet day, with rain starting in the early hours and only stopping this afternoon. After tea, I inflated the splashy-splash and tipped most of the water off it. Hopefully it will soon recover its bouncy-bounceness tomorrow. Meanwhile I have been thinking about indoor activities and wondering whether I should buy an amplifier rather than a mains-transformer for my Cambridge Audio one. As part of my search I ended up distracted and looking at this product and thought I'd like to see a larger image, so I clicked on the 'See larger image' link - try it for yourself - I got exactly what I was promised.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Day 211: Look - no wires!

At the moment, the master bedroom is also E5N1's room and the office (study!). This means that apart from writing these posts each day we are not using the desktop PC very much, but often the evening finds us both sitting with our laptops at the dining table. The kitchen also gets a look-in as you can see. Here are Exiles #2 thru #4 following an internet recipe for home-made breakfast cereal.

The plan is that in a month or two, Exile #3 will have a room of her own and E5N1 will move in with Exile #4. Then, hopefully our decisions of how to organise the house will start to make more sense.

Today was a really nice day, not too hot, not too humid. The girls had a friend from the 'old' church over and spent most of the day in and out of the bouncy-bounce. Unfortunately we left it out and have just heard that we can expect an inch of rain tonight, so it will be more of a splashy-splash tomorrow.

Talking of splashing, I did my regular half-a-mile swim again tonight. It's definitely getting easier and I'm starting to consider adding another ten lengths to make it a kilometre.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Day 210: Honey, I'm home

E5N1 had an appointment at the doctors today - amongst other things he was measured. Apparently he is 70th centile for length - i.e. 70% of boys of his age are shorter than him. Considering both his parents are more like 10th centile (if we stand on tip-toe), this is a remarkable state of affairs and one unlikely to last for very long. He also chatted to and smiled at the doctor right up to the end of the appointment when he had some shots (jabs). Then he screamed.

Actually, all three of my children seemed pleased to see me - and this picture was taken before I left for my little trip, although not (however much I'm tempted to suggest otherwise) a reaction to my departure.
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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Day 209: Not quite right

I took this picture from my hotel room this morning, but something about it makes it look faked - especially the buildings on the left. Strange.

I managed to have a swim before breakfast this morning (in the building in the bottom right of the photo). I've no idea if I did my customary half-a-mile, but I swam for about the same length of time. Apart from that and 4 hours of work this morning it has been a day of travelling. I got home at about 8pm though so it could have been much worse.

Apparently the girls were surprised not to see me here this morning, despite Exile #2's repeated explanations of my expected return. At tea-time Exile #4 was heard to utter (following on from some general talking-to-herself, "...and Daddy's gone." a bit more final than a 36 hour business trip really called for.
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Monday, August 6, 2007

Day 208: Mormon business...

...on a sunny afternoon.

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm on tour - amazing what you see on the highway. Funnily enough I was watching Big Love on HBO in my hotel room when I found out that this is the 16th operating temple. Of course, Big Love has nothing to do with Mormons and I watch the show (on the odd times when I get the opportunity) for the pop puns ("do a little dance - make a little love...") and the wonderful Jeanne Tripplehorn, not for the polygamy, but anyway, where was I?

Oh yes, pop pun #23 for title watchers and the mystery location of my trip (kinda) won't miss home, take a chance, leave everything behind you.
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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Day 207: The tide ebbs

Exile #2 led some sung worship at our interim worship gathering this morning, and we had a nice meal all together afterwards. E5N1 was a bit grumpy and the girls were a bit wild - the price for some fun evenings ending in late nights. In the middle of the afternoon we came back to continue our box-unpacking.

On Day 187 I posted a picture of our 'box room'. This afternoon, as you can see, most of the boxes had gone - there's still quite a lot of bits and pieces to find homes for, but proportions are manageable with just under two weeks until it has to be habitable (by my nieces). I am hoping that we will have some living room furniture by then, as the air-mattresses that will be coming up here are currently serving as seating in the TV-watching area.

Tomorrow I'm going down to Maryland on a business trip, returning on Tuesday, so hopefully I'll manage an on-tour post or two again.
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