Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 4.063: Another near miss!

Mine was the second car to arrive on the scene of a crash this morning. On my way to work I suddenly saw a car going at high speed at right-angles to the lanes. It crashed into the central barriers and bits of it flew in all directions as it spun back out coming to rest in the middle lane. I was far enough back to put my 'flashers' on and slow down gradually.

I stopped long enough to see that another driver was already calling the emergency services and that the driver of the crashed car was OK. Realising that I did not have any idea what had led to the incident and had only seen it at some distance I decided I couldn't really help and continued to work.

Yeah. You might want stay a safe distance from me for a while.

On a happier note, inspired by the Korean photo challenges going on over at Albaniana's, I thought I would set a Japanese one. Any ideas what's going on here?


  1. are they guiding cars in to a car lift ?

  2. btw, blogspot says "i might also like": bit worrying.

  3. Geoff
    They are car turntables - so that you don't have to actually turn the wheel of the car to go through 90 degrees. I suppose the people are there to tell drivers how to use them.

  4. Giant greyhound traps?


  5. Sorry, Geoff, but I'm with Dave. One just like it was just on The Amazing Race a week ago; that's where the teams got their cars to start the leg that ended in my old haunts, Yokosuka.

  6. Wow dave - that is... amazing!

    As for the mystery photo, all is revealed in today's post


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