Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 4.072: Hashtag: #aoa3

Exile #2 and I had an evening out tonight without the kids.  We realised that the last time this had happened we saw Inception at the cinema.  Yeah - quite a while ago.

Anyway, leaving the kids with the very brave and kind J, we headed into downtown Albany for the All Over Albany 3rd birthday party.

It was great - like last year there were lots of nice friendly people, we had paella and gourmet goat's cheese and I caught up with some people I'd met before and met some new ones including Laura who made these 'pins' (badges) for the occasion.  All the better for being able to share it with Exile #2 in person rather than by report after the event.

As ever, Greg and Mary were charming and engaging and threw a great party.

As we were leaving, the weather was doing "Hollywood snow" - pretty but not troublesome.

I think that's about all I'm up for at the moment. Quite happy for this winter-storm-in-spring to pass us by quietly.

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