Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 4.065: Spring, the trap

This morning I spotted these buds in the trees in the yard. It certainly gives a little hope that spring is on the way. There is still quite a lot of snow on the ground but on days like today it is retreating quite quickly.

This evening I got home from work to find some frantic pre-bedtime craft activity in progress. It turned out that the kids were making a leprechaun trap. Apparently, as far away from their native Ireland as we are it is possible that they will be visiting to celebrate St Patrick's Day.

When I went to say a final goodnight to Exile #3 she was in the dark in her room but seemed to be fighting to stay awake long enough to tell me that I needed to add 'a ladder or something' to help the leprechauns climb into the box/trap. I hope that the ruler will suffice.


  1. Did you catch anything? They are tricksy those leprechauns, though I think there may be more in New York these days than Dublin


  2. The trap was sprung, but the tricksy visitor escaped leaving only some fake gold and a sarcastic note. Better luck next year...?

  3. to be sure, to be sure...



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