Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 4.056: Hachi-snow-ji

As on the morning after my arrival in Seoul last week, I woke to heavy snow here today. It is apparently very unusual to have snow here in March. I'm in the Tokyo area in a place called Hachioji. In the end, it amounted to about an inch of accumulation before changing over to a light drizzle.

I had a rather unsatisfactory day of work and was happy to have some time to myself in the hotel at the end of it. Happy, that is, until I started considering what to do for dinner. Should I use one of my 'half-price first drink' vouchers at the bar or perhaps one of the ones that offer me 10% off dinner in one of the five restaurants?

In the end having realised that half-price meant $6 instead of $12 for a beer and that 10% off would mean I could get a meal for between $40 and $90 instead of $45 and $100 (without drinks) I decided to venture out of the hotel. I looked at some much more modestly priced restaurants before finally buying some things in a bakery and supermarket.

I spent about $15 and having put Lauren Laverne's show on (thanks to BBC Radio 6 Music's live streaming) I sat down to a feast:

Not the most Japanese of fare perhaps, but just what this doctor* ordered.

*not the kind that will do you any good.


  1. It looks just like Jet Set Radio!!

  2. Haha - you're right. We HAVE to get a copy of JSRF back into our lives!

  3. Your missions: 1. get yourself a nice tonkatsu or katsudon dinner, preferably at a mom & pop "restaurant" that would easily fit into even a "Micro" sized conference room here in the States. 2. Partake in some kind of melon drink (sodas or shakes are common) - the greener the better! 3. Get a soft-serve cone at Mos-Burger. 4. Get either soba noodles or gyoza dumplings -- or both!
    Hint: You don't need to go to Akihabara or Yokosuka to get these - but you could (in 1983 anyway).


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