Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 4.054: Looking down

Things were definitely looking down for our trip at 2am when I realised that the fact that the heating had switched off during the day yesterday was not a isolated incident and we were going to spend the rest of the night with no heat. The air temperature inside our little house has never been very high at night, but with the floor going down to the same temperature it was a matter of putting lots of clothes on and trying to get back to sleep.

Our morning plans had been to try to get to this:

which you can also see (just) from this picture from outside the house:

So, still rather cold from the night we set off just before dawn at 6.30 am to try and find our way up there.

The way up was well marked and tended - but rather steep.

Of course, when we got up there panting and exhausted - it was a perfect opportunity for a workout:

Or for just watching the sun rise over the valley below.

Well worth the pre-breakfast exertions.

Skipping the rest of the day for now, having said goodbye to my travelling partner I found myself watching the sun go down from this previously attempted vantage-point:

So it turns out that things were really not looking down - but I was.

And now I need to get some sleep before my next adventure begins tomorrow.

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  1. With temps nearing 50 and no rain, you missed the unannounced Everybody Loves Wolf Road celebration @ 6 PM; wait times at chains we tried to go to were, in order, 1h 20m, 1h, 45m. Mangia!


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