Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 4.061: Perspective

I didn't love my time in Japan.

In part it was the contrast with my time spent in Korea where I not only had excellent company in my travelling companion, but also was very well looked after and able to spend a bit of time outside with my camera (even it was just at dawn).

Japan was a more normal hotel-work-hotel-work-hotel-... until yesterday that is.

Around 1pm I took a picture of 'my final taste of Japan' and nothing could have been more normal as we boarded our very full flight.

It's hard to take in my experiences still then. Of course, we have all been learning the seriousness of the situation I left behind as I flew away after what now seems like a minor inconvenience of a seven-hour delay.

My memories of this trip to Japan will, of course, now be dominated by the last few hours - hours that if things had been timed differently by five minutes of so, I might have spent obliviously flying back to the US.

Talking of the US. It was good to arrive back yesterday!

Here's a news report on our flight from the local Fox station in Detroit:

And it's very good to be back at home with the family today.

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