Monday, April 9, 2007

Day 88: It's a boy (arrived at last)

Here is Exile #5/Native #1. Let's call him E5N1 - he actually has no real-world name yet for reasons I will now explain.

When we had the girls (in the UK) we never asked their sex when going though ultrasound etc. and no-one ever offered to tell us, so we found out in the delivery room each time. This time round we saw no reason to do anything differently except that everyone seemed surprised that we didn't know. When we went for a late ultrasound, Exile #2 thought she had caught sight of the word 'Female' on the screen with measurements etc. and at her last antenatal appointment, the midwife consistently referred to the baby as 'she'. So, we were pretty much convinced that he was going to be a girl. Our reasoning turned out to be correct - had we allowed them to tell us, they would have told us he was a she. So, we have not settled on a name for him. That's a job for later in the day.

He was born on Day 88 - just - at 11.55 pm weighing 7 lbs 7 oz. We arrived at the hospital just after 11 pm. The midwife arrived just after he was born. Exile #2 did incredibly well, still doubting that things were far enough along to head to the hospital - just as well we did though. At 10 pm she was trying to play Sweet Child O' Mine on Guitar Hero 2, but the contractions weren't far enough apart to let her get to the end. Maybe we should consider Axl and Slash as names? Maybe not.
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  1. Congratulations! Welcome to the world Exile 5/Native 1 !!

  2. Weee... Congrats!! A boy. :) I find it funny she was playing guitar hero II while in labor at home. I love it. When should we bring over the 0-3 month boys clothes?

  3. OH I so called this one. Remember me telling you it would be a boy? Heh :) Congrats, way to go Exile 2, record timing. Exile 1, good job too. :)

  4. Congrats guys - and a great big welcome to the world Yves-Ivan-Juan (do I detect a cultural heritage exiles 1&2 have kept hidden from us over the years?)

    Glad it all went so well after the waiting - hope Exile #4 is dealing well with early stage middle child syndrome. Love to all - can't wait to meet the lit'lun.



  5. Congratulations and God bless to you all - I'm very impressed at Carolyn generally trying to play Guitar Hero between contractions :o)

  6. Just got the Ives-Ivan-Juan joke (needs to be read aloud) - sorry to be so slow. Thanks to everyone for all the greetings.


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