Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Day 90: Chicken smell sends...

...restless baby to sleep at last.

OK, so actually E5N1 was sleeping peacefully listening to the dishwasher and it was lamb that was cooking but you'll forgive me for fulfilling my own prediction perhaps (just a week and a half early).

Inspired by E5N1's first journey today, my mum told us the story of my first journey. It was in an ambulance within a few hours of my birth. Not rushing me for life-saving surgery or anything, but doing a transfer between buildings at the same hospital. The journey involved driving along a short stretch of main road with five or six mothers sitting on bench-seats in the back of an ambulance holding their newborn babies. Quite different from our experiences with a federally-approved child-seat today.

I doubt they had to go through the rigmarole to be discharged that we did today either. Checking the footprints taken in the delivery room along with four separate bits of data from both mother's and baby's wristbands, signing waivers left right and centre to confirm that we had been told this or that and that we had chosen to have or not to have the other. In the end though however you leave, there is always that moment of being 'let loose' with this new life. Quite a humbling experience even with number three.

Exile #3 and Exile #4 continue to cope well with E5N1's invasion. Today they 'helped him' by unwrapping their present for him (only wrapped a week or so ago). Exile #3 also showed an aptitude for settling him down by stroking his head, "He likes me!" she said delighted. Exile #2 is tired and sore, but largely happy to be home I think.
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