Monday, April 16, 2007

Day 96: Look at my baby brother

Today Exile #3 returned to school and E5N1 made his first appearance there - first by way of a photo and then in person. When the holiday started before Easter it was still "should be any time now" now it's all smiles and congratulations. It is very hard to believe that it is now as long since he was born as it was between the due date and his arrival - it certainly doesn't feel like it.

Before school I was looking for a photo of E5N1 for Exile #3 to take with her and since we had a bit of time I ended up showing the girls some old photos and videos of themselves. I was quite surprised by the change in them since we left the UK. It should not be a surprise - 96 days have passed and three months older means 5% for Exile #3 and 9% for Exile #4 - and, of course they have had a crisis and an opportunity to re-invent themselves.

In keeping with our current weather (although planned some time in advance) it is "Rain Week" in Exile #3's class - they managed dry windy days in "Wind Week" and now it's raining constantly for "Rain Week" I need to look up (with some trepidation) what the rest of the month holds.

Of course yesterday's news continues to cast a long shadow, I would hate anyone to think it is forgotten, but I thought we needed some light relief, so I will accept suggestions (serious or not) on what is going on in this photo. And don't forget your answers to the pop puns if you're that way inclined.
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  1. No. 12. Can't you see me standing here, I've got my back against the record machine...oh well, might as well jump!

    Clearly I've not got enough work to do...perhaps one more...


  2. Clearly this squirrel is a squirrel sent by others like him to plan a way to infiltrate your abode. I suggest getting one of these: .

    Even if your squirrels figure out how to take turns and run the battery down, as the ones at my inlaws' home did, it's still amusing to watch.


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