Saturday, April 14, 2007

Day 94: Hey you! Who said fat baby?

The box reads "Lots to Love Babies - It's just baby fat". You've got to love those marketing people. As for what it says about body-image issues in children and childhood obesity, I'm not sure.

Anyway, E5N1 continues to do well and certainly doesn't much resemble one of these yet. We are quite tired, Exile #2 in particular who is also a bit off-colour.

There is a big Nor'easter due to arrive tomorrow and continue for a couple of days - this is the sort of storm that caused our big drops of snow in mid-Feb and mid-March. This time, we expect rain - I suppose it will be interesting to witness a big rain storm here, and although my parents drive to the airport on Tuesday may be disrupted we should be otherwise reasonably content to wait it out in indoor-comfort.

With several still to solve as listed yesterday, here is pop pun #12 - How you been (doing with them)? You got it tough? I've seen the toughest around!
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  1. I am sure he won't become like that!!! Anyway it sounds like he is well and we will hopefully see you soon xx


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