Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Day 91: Queen of the mountain

Today for the first time since an unknown date in January or early February there is no snow at all on our plot. Exile #4 is pictured on Sunday afternoon - as E5N1 was preparing to make his appearance - conquering the mountain by carrying her chair to the top and sitting on it. There was definitely a sense of achievement in it connected to the memory of the mountain as it was.

Today we have had a nice day in our new nuclear (nuculer?) family unit. Mum and Dad have ventured off to investigate New York State for a couple of days. The rest of us managed a walk, a trip to a playground and a brief visit to the supermarket (well the car-park in the case of Exile #2 and E5N1). The sun shone and the girls shed all their warm clothing layers whilst running around at the park.

However, and this is getting beyond a joke, a storm is expected tonight - it may be rain or sleet, but we are expected to get at least 2 inches of snow again.

Batten down the hatches for pop pun #11. The wind is whistling through the house (snow with rosebud).
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  1. I thought Elvis worked down the chip shop?

    I'm amazed and suitably impressed that you're keeping up the blog so soon after the arrival of E5N1! I seem to remember taking every opportunity possible to sleep, not sit down at a computer and type. Maybe it gets easier with practice...?


  2. No - he's a liar (and I'm not sure about you :-).

    I suspect it's not so much practice as just the necessity of keeping going for older children that makes the difference - life definitely doesn't stop the way it does when the first one arrives.


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