Saturday, April 28, 2007

Day 108: Scissors & sisters

We had a family outing today (after Exile #3 successfully made it to her last-in-session swimming lesson). The first stop was for the girls to have a haircut (pictured). From there we went on (via lunch) to start shopping for a car.

After we got home I was looking at the "pre-owned" stock at the dealership's website. Exile #4 pointed at the screen and started singing their radio/TV advert jingle "We'll put you in the driver's seat!" She is surprising us every day at the moment - her (computer) mouse skills, use of language and sense of humour being today's moments.

We just saw the announcement of "Kid of the week" on local TV, she donated to something called "Locks of Love." Apparently it's about donating hair to make hairpieces and nothing to do with chastity belts.

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