Sunday, April 15, 2007

Day 95: A long way from home

We awoke today to some very tragic family news from the UK - a totally unexpected death in Exile #2's family. Of course this casts a huge shadow over things that can't be ignored, nor can it really be discussed in great detail with young children or in a pseudo-anonymous blog. At times like this sometimes it feels like all you can offer to those closest to the situation is your physical presence - no words or actions can help especially at first. Our happy news a week ago made us feel a long way from family, but news like this makes the miles all the more painful.

For us the day has been eventful. Exile #2 is in much better form physically, we had a good fall of snow this morning although it turned to rain this afternoon. As you can see the toys that the girls had been using yesterday look totally inappropriate today. The snowploughs have been out again, and may be needed again tomorrow if the forecast is correct.

Exile #3
had a birthday party to attend and had a great time. Her ability to cope in difficult or unusual social situations has been really improving in recent months and it was great to see her increased confidence paying off. The roads were very wet and a bit slick in places - not ideal driving conditions although how someone had contrived to turn an SUV on its side on a highway ramp (slip-road) I don't know.

E5N1 and Exile #4 had a good afternoon at home with Grandma and Grandpa so all in all we are weathering the physical storm OK so far. The emotional storm is another thing of course.
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