Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Day 84: Do you speak francis?

Exile #3 dressed up for 'silly pirate day' complete with kaleidescope telescope "pretty patterns ahoy!" and a pajama top.

Today my thoughts have turned to you, the readers and in particular to the statistical data I have been gathering on you. I know for instance that there have been only two visits from MacOSX users, but that the predominantly Windows-based readership still contains more than 30% non-Internet Explorer users (myself included - Firefox is my browser of choice). I also know that 78.4% of visits are from computers using 1280 x 1024 or 1024 x 768 screen resolution. Finally I know that most of you speak English (just as well) and most of you have your language set to USA English. There is a tantalising 0.8% readership using 'Other language' and finally one visit from a computer whose language setting is, apparently "francis".

Suddenly all this information is not nearly enough. Is this a person called Francis who's computer speaks their own special language? Is it in fact a French person with a phobia of words with multiple 'a's in? I will probably never know. Unfortunately for me (but happily for you) I am unable to discern anything of importance about any of you individually. Including whether you do indeed speak francis.

Unless you want to tell me that is.
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  1. Those are some interesting statistics. If you see a strange resolution like 2560 by 1024 - that's probably me. (Or are there others like me out there using multiple displays?)

  2. I also use two screens (at work) but I suspect these are the visits that disappointingly register as 'Other res' - I certainly don't see any weird shaped 'screens'.

  3. I speak "John," uhhhh that's about it...


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