Friday, April 27, 2007

Day 107: Look at this buddy

This flower bud is just outside our front door. Another sign of spring, but you can't fool us any more, we know that winter will probably be back in a week or so. Joking aside, there are many signs of spring now: leaves on trees, daffodils, new growth in the lawn and rain of course - but you can't have everything.

E5N1's birth certificate arrived today so he is real after all. We can now start the process of applying for a passport or two. The birth certificate was issued by the Office of Vital Statistics - that amused us for some reason (I think his are 12-10-10 at the moment by the way).

Exile #3 came home from school early today after complaining of earache and spent the afternoon watching Mary Poppins. Tomorrow is the last swimming lesson in her current series. Let's hope she is fit and able to go otherwise I suppose she will be hitting the medicine bottle again with - altogether now - a spoonful of sugar...

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