Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 2.193: The camera never lies

...but the photo editing toolkit lies 8 times - can you spot them?

Exile #2 and the kids had what sounds like a great day - visiting the park and then getting Exile #4's pass (she wasn't old enough to need one last year) and going along to the outdoor pool at the town park to enjoy a genuinely summery day (these have been sporadic to say the least so far this summer).

I was at work, but that's OK too in its way.


  1. Ah, see if I can match my 100% record!...
    1. green lego brick in foreground has been expanded
    2. round purple cushion at rear is now yellow
    3. characters on T shirt have swapped
    4. back left yellow brick has smiley face removed
    5. central large green brick is now blue
    6. smaller blue brick on right side of pile has disappeared
    Hmmn, perhaps I'll need to revisit later for the last two...

  2. How about...

    Blue brick near pile disappeared
    Purple cirlular shape behind plastic box has become yellow
    Monkeys on E5N1’s t-shirt have changed order (very clever!)
    Green brick in foreground has 6 ‘spots’ instead of 4
    E5N1 has a ‘kiss curl’ in one photo but not the other
    Green brick on top of pile has become blue
    Smiley face on yellow brick on pile has disappeared
    Rear leg of chair has disappeared (not sure about this one!)

  3. Andy P - I'm glad I beat you this time :-)
    7/8 Anonymous (whoever you are..?)

    Still one to find, and for extra credit, can you work out which are the 'lies'?

  4. Ah, it's plain obvious now (when one cuts the picture in half, opens up the two pictures and flips between them - sorry the temptation was too great to get to the bottom of this mystery!)

    8. Shadow of foregroud red 3 'spot' brick has changed

    I thought there would have been more than one edit on E5N1 but hadn't spotted the hair cut.

    I too appreciated the clever edit on the monkeys - a nice ear job applied there!

  5. Haha - creative geekery - I like it. Congratulations all.


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