Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 3.050: Swan, Lark, Hamilton

I had a rough day at work today. As usual, I won't really be talking about it here.

Instead, here are some pictures from our lunchtime jaunt on Saturday - we left the museum and walked up the hill to Lark Street and had a very nice late lunch at Bombers. None of us had an eponymous burrito, instead, we had hot dogs and fries (Exile #4 and E5N1), plain cheese 'quesadillas' (Exile #3), crunchy tacos (Exile #2) and a Jamaican jerk pork plate (me). All was rather good, although Exile #3 is very particular about her cheese and so ended up shunning her Mexican-themed grilled cheese in favour of E5N1's deserted hot-dog roll. The kids ate their food transfixed by the film Labyrinth which was playing on the TV screen on the far wall. I was only slightly distracted by the wall-art.

Afterwards, we took the side-streets back to the museum, passing some fantastically painted Victorian houses and an unusual view of the Empire State Plaza. It was a great voyage of urban discovery and all added to our rather excellent trip.

Our route was actually Lark, Hudson, Dove, Hamilton, S Swan - but I couldn't resist offering you pop pun 109 for title watchers - hurrah, we're all free now.


  1. Those pictures are great! They make depressing, gray Albany February a little less... depressing, gray and February.

  2. Thanks - happy to be of service :)

  3. Hmmm - I think you may be confusing the Cygnus family with the Alaudidae family, not to mention the family Trochilidae. You have however influenced my choice of listening this morning at work. Coincidentally, Leaving New York is the first suitable track on my ipod...

    Hope today is better.


  4. A - a dreamy answer if ever there was one - and thanks, today was a better one!


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