Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 3.064: Heigh-ho, heigh-ho!

E5N1 is full of surprises at the moment - mostly, I suspect, the surprise is that he is nearly three years old - how did that happen?

He has also gained a fascination and a fair deal of aptitude for doing jigsaws. This was how I found him after I had seen the girls onto the school bus and Exile #2 off for her annual check-up at the doctor's.

After persuading him he could leave the puzzle only nearly complete, I took him to Albaniana's house (thank you!) to wait for Exile #2's release. I let him out of the car and handed him his briefcase diaper-bag and he happily trotted off to the door. Except for his inability to reach the door-bell, I think he would happily have waved me off from there.  In fact, I did wait long enough to check that he was settled in.  Actually I'm not sure 'wait' is a term that applies - he had his coat and shoes off and was setting about finding interesting and possibly forbidden things to mess with before I had let myself in and closed the door behind myself.

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