Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 3.078: E5N1 and other wildlife

Back to work and school for three of us today, and Exile #2 spent the day with E5N1 preparing for our trip and helping out a friend who's having a really rough time.

As you can see, we saw some wildlife on Saturday - on the ponds and at the bird-feeders. Some were definite signs of spring - returning birds and newly-active chipmunks.

Click on the collage for the Flickr set.

Of course, the wildest creature may have been one we took with us.

Exile #2 commented this evening that he seems to be the anti-Samson - having apparently grown in his powers (of naughtiness mostly) since having his hair cut.  How could she say such a thing?

There aren't many things that don't remind me of a song of some sort - but, not surprisingly, I'm singing this to myself now and contemplating a slice of Wonder Bread before bed.  Then again, maybe not.

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  1. for a minute there i thought you'd linked to Camper Van Beethoven's Take the Skinheads Bowling. but you hadn't.


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