Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 3.077: "Wow, really?" and then "Why?"

Wow, really?

That was the reaction when I last told someone about this blog and the fact that I had posted every day for the last three years. I can understand that reaction. In fact, my third anniversary of last missing a day passed 63 days ago (Day 14 being the one blot on my attendance record).

The other reaction - although it is rarely voiced but often implied is:


And the answer is I'm not sure really. It started as an experiment in keeping in touch with friends and family back in the UK - and it's been good for that. I enjoy the process of writing - most days anyway - and the discipline of posting every day keeps me from forgetting that. It's given me a way into a local community of bloggers and twitterers - very nice and slightly techie folk who I would have no other cause to have met.

Most of all, it has become a fantastic record of our time here in New York. Pretty much every outing, every visit, every big weather day has been recorded here - mostly with some photographic evidence. That is so cool - and something that there is no way I would have sustained without an audience - albeit small - to keep making it seem worthwhile. Thanks for reading - it changes lives!

Anyway, enough with the introspection. Here is a little example of how history enriches things. First, a picture of our walk yesterday...

and then one from the last time we walked that trail - less than a month ago on Day 3.049.

Things change fast here.

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