Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 4.360: Towers and Daddy-dinners

Exile #2 has been laid-low with a migraine attack for the last couple of days, so I've been holding the fort. This has meant some unexpected time with E5N1 in the afternoons.

This afternoon, we built a tower as tall as me from Magnatiles, then did some balls-and-rods building.  Then finally, we built this tower out of basically all the Duplo we have.  He helped a lot until it was about two-thirds complete at which point he lost interest - and instead built his 'sequence' containing all the different colours of single blocks he could find.  Of course, by that point I had to press on to find out how tall it would be when I ran out of blocks.  The answer is almost exactly the same height as Exile #3.

I've also been in charge of dinner for the last two days.  Yesterday, I completely wimped-out and went out for Chinese take-away.  Today I managed to make pizza and salad.  Considering I used to do almost all the cooking for a few years when we were first married, with a fairly wide repertoire, it's sad to realise what a Daddy-cliché I have become!


  1. I hope Exile#3 is feeling better soon. Someone told me once that as long as everyone is safe, fed and dressed (optional), then you're doing just fine - keep up the good work!


  2. LOL! I sometimes end up cooking 1 or both weekend lunches for my 2 teenagers & my go-to meal is burgers on the grill outside, no matter the weather. For dinners, I rely on our freezer's supply of Schwan's entrees & veggies.
    (PS: I think 'A' meant Exile #2.)

  3. Thanks guys. I'm always amazed that I get the numbers right most of the time. My record is actually a whole lot better with the numbers than calling the kids by their real names in conversation!

  4. Exile #2 and I spent a very long morning waiting around at the doctor's office, but in the end they gave her a painkilling injection and four new prescriptions (most of them short-term!) and she seems much better this evening.


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