Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 4.358: Wolf Creek Falls take two

It was a bitterly cold day today (and back to work and school) so here is some more from yesterday!

It seemed like a long time ago that we discovered Wolf Creek Falls Preserve - a pocket of Mohawk Land Conservancy land opened several months after we arrived in the area.  In fact it was about fifteen months ago on Day 3.251.  Visiting in winter was quite different, but thoroughly enjoyable.

Here are the kids on the trails and the dry-stone walls that once held sheep in their fields:

And here are some details (the ominous skull above the barn door of a neighbouring property, the small picnic table where the kids seem enormous compared with last time, moss looking like tiny trees and bronchioles and a delightful old can perched on the wall of what looked like an old water trough):

E5N1 was in a running ahead mood.  Even with the openness of the winter woodland, he sometimes nearly disappeared:

And the creek where we took a group picture last time was slightly more challenging to cross on this occasion (happily, we did manage to stay dry).

These photos and a couple of others are also here.

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