Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 4.357: A walk in the dark (in the lights)

As a special event for the last day of the holiday lights in Albany, it was a walk-through tonight. Having failed to get there earlier in the season, we went to investigate.

This is some of what we saw:

The only displays were the ones around the lake (and the sponsors' displays on the exit road).  I assume the other loop was considered just too much to expect anyone to walk.

It's a shame really as walking the lights turned out to be a great way to see them and although one member of the family declared it 'a long walk' when we got back to the car, I suspect even he would have been happy to walk around the whole park seeing the displays.

This one caused some confusion:

Exile #3 told me that she thought Santa was doing jazz-hands while two figures danced in the background.  Exile #2 pointed out to us all that they were marionettes.  Obvious really!

I hope that there will be better opportunities to walk the lights if they are back in the park at the end of this year.  The drive-through is all very well, but I think we'd take up the offer again - as long as the weather is reasonably cooperative.

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