Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 3.048: Day at the Museum

We decided to have a family outing to the State Museum today. There were a few exhibitions we were keen to see including two that are closing very soon. The exhibition entitled 1609 - celebrating the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson's arrival up the river that would later bear his name - closes on March 7th, and the collection of photographs of the Great Depression, This Great Nation Will Endure - which was top of Exile #2's list of things to see - closes on March 14th. In fact it was the last Saturday to see both of these as the museum is closed on both March 6th and March 13th. Exile #4 is studying the local native birds at school this semester, so she was keen to see the Birds of New York exhibit as well as the permanent collection.  E5N1 wanted to ride the carousel and is always keen on a bit of dinosaur action. Exile #3 is interested in everything and voraciously reads her way around museums these days and wanted to visit Sesame Street and I was happy to chase E5N1 and take some pictures (except in 1609 where photography is not allowed).

We arrived within an hour of the opening time and we were still there to be thrown out at closing time.  We did have a walk out in the snow to get some lunch in the middle, but as you can see above - we had a lot to pack in to a long and very successful visit.

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