Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 3.039: A frozen river and a shiny shoe

We arrived at our hotel soon after lunch and set off for a walk along the river.

Further along, it looked like we could probably have jay-walked our way to Boston in the middle of 'the block', but we were not planning a river crossing by bridge or ice today.

Instead we were aiming for here: see Cambridge MA's most famous resident and his very shiny left shoe.

You may have heard of him -one or two things round here are named after him - most notably the local subway station.

We managed a swim in the hotel pool after dinner...and the sounds of it...the kids have all fallen asleep at last.


  1. I was in Emmanuel College Cambridge England yesterday and Harvard was mentioned in passing since he is one of theirs originally. Strange coincidence.

  2. Strange indeed - but, as I said to Exile #2 while we were walking around Cambridge, how weird would it be if coincidences never happened?!


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