Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 3.044: Storm envy no more

We woke this morning to falling snow, rising temperatures and a winter storm watch. The 'watch' means that a significant storm was likely but not yet certain. The falling snow was nice to see, the rising temperatures meant that nothing much was coming of it.

In typical fashion, this snow was coming just when the last lot was hanging on in places, but mostly gone:

Soon, the daytime warming turned the rain to snow and we wondered if this would be another missed storm opportunity for the snow-lovers.  At that point the storm watch was replaced by a storm warning - only the second one this winter (the last was back on Day 2.333).

Sure enough at lunch-time the rain was suddenly replaced by fairly heavy snow which quickly coated the ground.  After an earlier than usual, slow but steady drive home - I snapped this view in the dying daylight of the results of Exile #2's multiple shovelling outings.

We've had several more inches since then.  I shovelled once more, but will probably have a significant depth to deal with in the morning and once again it is heavy and wet and very tiring to move.

Our local cross-country ski place is celebrating the largest snowfall of the season (they've had 10 inches so far today) but lamenting that people may have trouble getting there.  We will have to see what the morning brings in terms of school closings and travel conditions.

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