Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 2.333: Storming!

Yesterday afternoon, it seemed likely that the storm that was approaching rapidly would not be a major event for us. It wasn't until after 5pm that the National Weather Service even issued a 'watch' for our area. They finally issued a Winter Storm Warning at eight this morning - by which time I was getting myself ready to shovel the six inches of snow we had on the driveway. I think our total almost certainly topped seven inches in the end - and it was relatively dense - not the light-fluffy snow we get when it is really cold. Exile #2 snapped this after the storm had passed.

It was late by the time I set off for work, but I still ended up on some unplowed (unploughed) roads. In fact, I was just making a tentative turn from one into another when I realised I was about to come nose-to-nose with a plow. I managed to drive around the block only to arrive at the end of another street just as he came back down the other way and completely blocked my way with a large snow-bank across the end of the road I was on. I backed up. He backed up. I waited. He waited. Finally I noticed that he was waving me on. Seriously? Through the snow bank in my little Jetta? In the end I decided that I wasn't in a position to argue and that at least he was there if I got stuck - so I did some plowing of my own - successfully - much to my relief.

School was closed, so Exile #2 had all three kids all day. She was very tired when I got home, but we managed to watch the last elimination show for SYTYCD. We were sad to see both the fourth-place dancers go out - but they are all great, so it should be a good final next week.

Here's a little time-lapse of my shovelling efforts. I'd already been going for some time when this starts and help arrives...

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