Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 2.339: There's no charge for fun

I took these pictures yesterday when the girls were playing a game I'm calling "Snow Charge!" while waiting for the bus. In fact, yesterday it was more snow-procession, but it definitely turned into a charge today with a jousting-style tag element. They did it further up the driveway where there were another suitable pair of snow piles.

This evening I was at a church meeting, which although it overran, did not go on too late (it would have been my fault if it did) so I got home in time to sit down with Exile #2 and watch part one of the final of So You Think You Can Dance. Tomorrow will be the results show with lots of great dances from the season, but today was the last evening of competitive dances and they were great. Really great actually. This show is so much more than a reality show or a talent competition. It is a showcase for some of the best new dancers and most exciting choreographers in the world. We'll probably eventually succumb to the up-coming season of American Idol when it comes on because we love music too, but if they replaced it with another season of SYTYCD, I'm sure we'd both be more than delighted.

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