Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 2.327: Immunity Man and Mud Boy

As a child I remember pretending to be a superhero - wearing a cape and throwing myself off the back of the sofa. I can't remember the name of my favourite character - but I remember that I came across him in a comic book at a place I had to wait around at for my mum - presumably she was working there. I also remember that he had a crescent shaped cape that enabled him some degree of aerial ability - although I think it was more Batman than Superman.

Anyway, as it turns out I have achieved my ambition. At work, a couple of things have come together over the last couple of weeks. One is a notice on our notice board entitled 'Surviving the Flu Pandemic' and the other is Boy Scout Popcorn. One puts the idea of massive risk of death in your mind and the other causes colleagues to place open containers around the office to tempt everyone's hand in to take a few kernels. Following my early brush with the pig disease, I have, of course, been boldly feasting (on a little) to the apparent envy of one of my colleagues who coined the term 'Immunity Man' for me. He listed this superhero's powers as, "He can eat what he likes, kiss who he likes, ..." I pointed out that H1N1 might not be the only reason to refrain from the latter.

Meanwhile as you can see, E5N1 is working on a super-persona of his own. Fortunately his super-mom/mum had the foresight to put his waterproof suit on before he ventured out into the post-rainstorm mud-zone this morning.

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