Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day 2.330: Blue and white

This morning we woke to beautiful blue skies which were setting off the snow-covered trees rather nicely. The sun was also starting to melt the snow at the tops of the tree. I rushed out to take some pictures as soon as I was dressed.

Later in the day, we managed to get the lights up outside, have some traditional and less-traditional snow-fun and set-up our Christmas tree (undecorated) before going to our church gathering. When we got home, we put the lights on the tree - it looks like decorating inside is going to be a progressive affair this week.

Exile #3 decided to measure the depth of the snow - but was unable to find a ruler. She arrived to show us that she had improvised by drawing a line on one pencil with another one to mark-off the depth - two and a half inches - not bad for such a minor weather event. Since the temperature barely crept over freezing this afternoon, almost all the snow is still on the ground. There's a much bigger storm on the way midweek, although how much will fall as rain or snow or freezing rain still seems far from clear - one forecast we saw had given up completely and captioned Wednesday's weather, in place of the usual 'sun', 'snow', 'rain' etc. as '???'.

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