Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 2.354: Five divided by three

We saw Exile #3 off to see a movie with her friend and her Dad this morning.  Soon after that I took Exile #4 to a pizza and pool (the swimming variety, although I did have a sneaky solo game of the other sort while waiting around at one point) party for one of her friends' birthday.  Meanwhile Exile #2 took E5N1 to church to prepare food for our weekly free community meal.

All seemed to go well and we were reunited to share the meal and then briefly ventured to the mall (to spend $2.50 + tax) which was teeming with bargain shoppers.  At the mall, Exile #2 picked up the controller for a Wii which was playing some kind of Super Mario game in a store.  She was unable to make it do anything.  Exile #4 basically pulled it out of her hand and immediately managed to get the game going.  And thus our technological superiority falls by the wayside.

This evening we tried to regain some of our lost ground by playing Puzzle Bobble (or Bust-a-Move depending on your mood) on XBox Live Arcade.  We used to play the same game on the PC many years ago - we were much better at it then. Maybe we just need a little more practice?

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