Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 2.353: Cold comfort

It has been cold here today, 10 °F  or so (-12 °C) and windy with it.  The combination didn't quite get bad low enough to get a wind-chill advisory or warning, but you definitely wouldn't have wanted to spend too long outside unless very well wrapped up.

We had a stay-at-home day, but much more sociable than of late, with each of the girls having a class-mate over for the afternoon. Three parents made an appearance for some of the time, one for most of the afternoon and another for dinner, so we have had some good adult conversation while the kids have been having fun.

With the weather getting cold, our bird feeder has been back in more consistent use than during the Fall - and between them, some small birds and the squirrels have eaten the additional food we prepared for them .  Also, birds and other animals have been finding ways to escape the cold weather altogether.  When I ventured into the apparently seldom-visited 'outdoor' section of Walmart recently, there were a number of birds flying around about amongst the roof structures above my head.  It seems they not only had a fairly warm and nicely sheltered place to live, but a ready supply of food too.

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