Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 2.332: Signs: eeled and livered

Many thanks to all who took part in my little sign-identification game. I don't think anyone really got any of the right, although joxley did the trigonometry and worked out that the first day's title could be simplified to 'sine(s)'.

It turns out that, to everyone's disappointment, the first sign here was not offering a choice between Twister and camp dancing, nor warning of excessive cake decorations (as suggested by FlyingVJenks and A).

The the second one was 'control your pet' rather than 'control your bladder' as Anonymous (joxley again maybe?) suggested, nor was it the rather wonderful, 'If your dog has just bitten someone's leg off, better go this way.' suggested by albaniana.

Number 3 was not really going for the 'evil stalking squirrel' effect that FlyingVJenks detected in the image.

Number 4 was 'dismount' - almost exactly the opposite of what albaniana suggested, 'Vehicles should give way to giants with bicycles.' You're right about the giant part though - it was so obvious they saw no reason to put it in writing.

The third one of this second batch (below) was not maypole dancing nor anything to do with Morecambe and Wise - alas.

A mused on the unaccompanied bike in the fourth of these - the words don't really help.

And, although it warns you to be alert, the last one is not a warning about drunks crossing the path.

Many of you were concerned about the legless folk - N most poetically. We did not knowingly see any amputees, I would have thought if they were taking a walk along the river they would probably need at least one of: crutches, an artificial limb or a wheelchair. I don't think hopping is a very practical long-term solution.

Apologies for the weird text on this one - it was my panorama stitcher's fault not the sign-writing. It's too late to re-stitch it again though - sorry!

Finally, it is pop pun 106 for title watchers, so with the solution to one puzzle (or even two) comes another - ooh baby here I am.


  1. I wonder what the sign for "Beware, flying dreadlocks" would be?


  2. I'm picturing it on this TV - wonderful image :-)


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