Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 2.329: Lights? No!

"Let's put the outside lights up before the snow arrives!"

It sounded like a good idea. There was snow forecast for the evening hours, but it didn't sound like we'd even get a covering. So around 11 am, the girls left with a neighbour for her birthday party and we got the ladder out.

At that point the first flakes fell. We suspected it was just a passing flurry on the leading edge of the storm. It wasn't. It snowed constantly (albeit fairly lightly) until about 10pm.

We managed to run the power cable and get the first few lights up, but then I decided that climbing up and down the ladder while the rungs got coated with snow might not be the smartest choice.

It says something about our surprise at the way things turned out that I rushed to photograph the first few settling flakes in case it was all we got. Here is how the day 'stacked-up' on the deck at 12:40, 15:50 and 23:20.

At tea time, inspired by reading the seasonal specialities on a restaurant menu a week or so ago, we had gluten-free dairy-free egg-nog pancakes (actually it was Silk Nog which is also egg-free although the pancakes were not). They were very nice indeed. Another taste of winter - as if we needed one today!

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  1. Just found on YouTube the one off pilot show that Reeves and Mortimer did called "The Weekenders". When I read about eggnog all I could think of was Vic saying "I love Eggnog, me".


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