Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 2.326: Do these help?

Thanks to all who are helping to decipher these extraordinary signs. Maybe some pictures from our walk on the path in question will help?

The pictures include another sign that confused us for a while - sign designers please note that decimal numbers do not work well when written vertically in this fashion. Exile #3 pricking her finger on a teasel (but not, happily, falling asleep for 100 years), E5N1 carrying the path along the path and some rather sad traffic cones which, when we first saw them back in March, were featured over at the wonderful world of funkypancake.

Would anyone like to make some serious suggestions about the signs in amongst the excellent joking around? I have the official answers ready!


  1. Tried to think of something serious, but I failed! All I could come up with was "Mancunians Imminent 1 on 1". Sorry! E5N1 looks very cute!

  2. Are the one-legged guys supposed to be joggers/runners? In which case they have right of way above everyone else. And don't talk to strange squirrels, especialy if they try and sell you something. What a fun job signmaking must be!

  3. Oh, and the milepost may have been someone's Eagle project that seemed like a good idea at the time but as you rightly point out, does not work too well.


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