Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 2.324: tan(s) x cos(s)

On a recent walk at the Corning Trail in Albany, we noticed a very smart new sign with the "Rules of the Path". The pictures accompanying each of the ten rules are quite interesting and I reckon that all but about two of them are fairly incomprehensible or at least open to misinterpretation without the accompanying text.

So, here are the first four. Four more to come another day. Any serious, or non-serious suggestions as to what they signify?

I was back at work today trying to catch up after five days off. The girls are back at school tomorrow and life can get back to normal for a couple of weeks.


  1. Top right - farting can cause unexpected amputation.
    Bottom right - dog walkers, please avoid amputees.


  2. (1) You have found a bike, don't just stand in the road. (2) Forming a relationship with Heather Mills can be bad for you. (3) If you have no mates the squirrels may think you are nuts. (4) Don't urinate on animals you find go to the designated toilet (rest room).

  3. Also tan(s)x cos(s) = x sin(s) unless the 'x' is supposed to be a multiply symbol in which case its sin(s).


  4. 1. Top left - Give way, bicycle walking in progress 2. Top right - Beware flammable amputees in close proximity 3. Bottom left - Beware evil stalking squirrels in your neighbourhood. 4. - Bottom right - move right when approached by local amputees posing as pirates.

  5. Top left: Vehicles should give way to giants with bicycles.
    Bottom left: Don't encourage the panhandling squirrels.
    Bottom right: If your dog has just bitten someone's leg off, better go this way.
    Top right: The guy who just had his leg bitten off is going to thump someone - it could be you!


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