Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 2.298: Go Yankees!

Yes - I watched the New York Yankees win the World Series tonight. Some of it in picture-in-picture while we were watching Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares and Mary Queen of Shops on BBC America, but still...

True - I probably wouldn't have turned it on if it hadn't pre-empted a lot of the programmes we watch regularly over the last couple of weeks, SYTYCD, Fringe, House, but still...

No - I wouldn't really call myself a Yankees fan, the local interest definitely made it interesting, but still...

I haven't forgotten that the 'World' that they are now champions of contains exactly one country, but still...

Go Yankees! World Series Champions 2009.


  1. ...make that exactly two countries. You're forgetting about the admittedly forgetable Blue Jays, north of the border. I'll blame it on the flu.

  2. To New Yorkers, Toronto is actually west of the border, but I take your point. Staying up 'til midnight to watch it was pushing my recovery to the limit - thanks for your understanding.


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