Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 2.310: Bad news made better (and worse)

Before our walk yesterday, we visited Cohoes Falls. We were disappointed to find that the new over-look park is closed for the winter (for six months), but the old viewpoint gave us some good views.

We received some bad news today - that one of our college friends had died in a car accident at the weekend. Exile #2 had exchanged emails with him last week - after being out of touch for some time. I had a good chat with the good friend that called with the news - terribly sad of course, but also redemptive in some ways - peppered with moments of joy amidst the pain.

I hope he doesn't mind me relating that it was in contrast with the way that he had heard the news - in a voice-mail message. Have we become so comfortable with technology that we forget that some things need to be shared voice-to-voice if not face-to-face? I am not one to belittle the positive effect of all the modern means of communication or to suggest that 'no-one knows how to relate to real people any more' or any of that - on the contrary I think that our ability to keep in touch with ease helps to keep many long-distance friendships ticking-over. However, there are some things that are too hard to hear in an email, on voice-mail or in a text message or facebook status and I am grateful for real friends today - some near, many far away - all of you - you know who you are!


  1. Really sorry to hear your bad news. My thoughts and prayers are with you guys. You're spot on regarding modern communication, as face to face communication is almost becoming both an art form and a rarity.


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