Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 2.306: Mid-fall surprises

We received our copy of Tori Amos' new CD today. It's a Christmas-ish themed affair called Midwinter Graces. As I've noted before she is not exactly known for her pro-Christian stance on life. Not that I am always straightforwardly pro-Christian either. So, much as we love her and her music, we were wondering what on earth she would have produced.

We haven't really had chance to listen to it properly yet, but we did put in the 30 minute DVD interview. It started off as we'd expected - church music was all stolen in the first place, bringing together ancient traditions, her churchy-upbringing by her minister father, fire and ice, reclaiming the feminine,... Then the surprises started.

First she said she'd been doing British folk-rock, then she said she there was some Big Band music on the album, then finally she said 'I'm a big Jesus fan!' and went on to preach a mini-sermon I've heard in our own church about how the newly-institutionalised church following the conversion Constantine used Jesus' words to try to control people and started to distort his message. We laughed out loud several times - even though Exile #2 is under the weather at the moment.

Oh yeah if you were wondering about the relevance of the photo - have you seen the length of my legs? Surprised?!.

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