Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 2.319: Bowling forsooth

Since the girls were out of school and most of my team were taking time off to travel to or prepare for family gatherings for Thanksgiving, I decided to take the day off too. Exile #4 opted for a play-date, but the rest of us managed to fit in bowling, lunch, a walk and a visit to a playground before returning to pick her up.

Here is E5N1 concentrating (click or rollover to see how much) on his attempt to reprogram the scores. Check out the cute bowling shoes! You can also see a little film of one of his shots (using the ramp) below. Exile #3 did very well at the start with some actual bowling - but later shifted over to using the ramp too.

Despite using one of two free-game vouchers we had lying around, we ended the day with three similar ones, so it's likely that we'll be back during the long hard-to-get-out winter months.

The title is a pop pun of sorts - not a song lyric or title though. Feel free to show me how clever you are in the comments!

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