Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 2.300: Story time

I took this picture during story time yesterday evening. The girls are reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and E5N1 is sitting on my knee pressing whatever buttons he can reach and drawing on anything that doesn't move. Such are our evenings.

At lunchtime today our little group of engineers went to lunch at Latham '76 Diner, which is effectively a US-theme restaurant. The '76 is for 1776 when the USA declared its independence from British rule. These days taxation without representation is a thing of the past - except for us foreigners living on US soil that is. The menu contains a feel-good sentence or two about each president from George Washington to George W Bush who is listed as 'incumbent'. In fact, someone pointed out that the facing insert-page contains a small panel labelled 'Our New President' with a little story about Barack Obama's high-security Blackberry smart phone. The menu is extensive as is the way with this kind of diner. The decor is in keeping with the theme and the food is pretty good. Not my favourite place, but a local experience to cherish for an old colonial like me.

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