Friday, November 27, 2009

Day 2.321: Slightly surreal

We had a slow start to the day - in contrast to yesterday's rushing about. Mid-morning, Exile #2 went to her skating lesson and the rest of us went to the playground in a local park. We had a good time and managed to leave while that was still the case.

At lunchtime, Exile #3 was teaching us the dance moves to the Macarena and Cotton-Eyed Joe. She had learned them at school in music lessons - one of our friends suggested to Exile #2 at a recent event at school that the new music teacher was 'Glee'ing them up - referring to the current TV program called Glee - which follows a group of high school kids and their glee club teacher and includes a lot of pop song-and-dance numbers. We haven't really been watching it, but have caught the odd episode because it comes on after SYTYCD. The last time we saw it was episode 10 but, although we loved it, we still haven't succumbed to setting the DVR to record it. Anyway, it was Rock Band night tonight and we got another glimpse into Exile #3's pop ambitions as she sang along and did some cute dance moves during the upbeat songs.

Meanwhile, E5N1's new words for the day (he's going through a major language explosion at the moment) were "Iggy Pop" thanks to the LEGO Rock Band playlist. Exile #4 was also having a good time enjoying music, food and company until she finally fell asleep on the floor during a particularly loud song. We called a halt to the evening for her at that point - and for everyone soon after.

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