Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 2.303: Fork hats

You know - 'ats for forks. Well, no actually - four cats. I'm sure Ronnie Barker would be proud.

The real reason for posting this today was that I as I drove up the drive this evening, I thought our Halloween cats looked particularly attractive - and I thought we should really take them down soon.

I arrived home just in time to hear Exile #2 get to the end of the second Harry Potter book - only to be thanked by a chorus of requests for number three. I'm sure they are eventually going to get too scary to continue with at this stage, but for now they are lapping it up. Which reminds me of the real nightmare of my recovery from H1N1, but I'm happy to report that today was probably my healthiest day since last Wednesday when it all began. Now, I must get to bed before I undo all my good work by getting over-tired again.


  1. Curiously, I introduced my kids to this sketch for the first time on Sunday. Also the Two Ronnies' "F U N E X" sketch and Mastermind "answering the question before last" skit.

  2. Fork hats for the black cat officer, love it .


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