Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 2.301: Raking it in

Exile #2 was out for most of the morning at a committee meeting for her MOPS group. Since the sun was shining, albeit rather coolly, I decided it was time to do another shift of leaf raking which has been somewhat delayed this year by ill-health and ill-weather. Not that we (mainly Exile #2) haven't already had a good number of leaves collected by the town leaf collectors already.

Anyway, I didn't get it all done, but by the time I was finished there was a good mound of leaves along the whole length of our front yard - including a pretty good pile at each side of the driveway. I had just taken my shoes off when we heard the collection truck approaching with its industrial vacuum cleaner/shredder (aka. the Noo-Noo) I couldn't let my efforts go unrecorded, so I rushed out to take a picture or two of the piles. Then took the opportunity to film the removal of the leaves and finally took a picture as they were leaving. They do a pretty thorough job.

This afternoon, we were at a 2nd birthday party at a neighbour's house which was really nice. The weather stayed kind, and the fairly large group of kids spent a good deal of the afternoon playing outside.

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